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What We Are

Governed under the Diversity in Aquatics Tri-Council, the US Tri Team is a group which promotes triathlons and the multi-sport lifestyle, with an emphasis on attracting newbies, supporting learning to swim and increasing water safety education to youth, adults and families. We have adopted a proactive and focused approach to increasing diversity and growing the base, starting in the Florida Region.  The vision of this approach is to radically change and increase exposure, access, and participation, in the collection of underserved and underrepresented communities of color, in South East Florida.  This section of the region will serve as an experiential learning test, that can be refined and then rolled out to the rest of the region and nation.

Participants will need to be current US Masters Swimming or USA Triathlon members, or complete the 30 Day Free Trial USMS Membership (see below).

Link to sign up for:

  • Diversity in Aquatics US Masters Swim Team - here
  • Diversity in Aquatics USA Tri Team - here
  • 30 Day Free Trial USMS Membership Form - here

Our programs

Diversity in Aquatics is launching a collection of programs in the heart of Broward County servicing predominately black and latino communities.  Diversity in Aquatics Triathlon Council and the USA Triathlon Strategic Plan are already synergistically aligned since we have:  


Diversity in Aquatics Triathlon Club is a USAT Registered Club, where you can swim with US Masters us at our practices, and invite people to sample our workouts.

  • Diversity In Aquatics Youth Triathlon Club - USAT Registered Club with Certified Youth Coach
  • Piper High School Triathlon Club, powered by Diversity in Aquatics (approved for launch)
  • Diversity in Aquatics Masters Swim Club - US Masters Swimming Registered Club with Certified Adult Learn to Swim Instructors (specializing in helping fearful adults overcome their fear of deep and open water).


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