Diversity In Aquatics Adult Learn to Swim Program


Join us for our Diversity in US Masters Aquatics Learn to Swim program at Veterans Park in Lauderhill, FL (map)

This program is done in partnership US Masters Swimming. We are a fun, social group of individuals, of all ages and abilities learning how to swim and build on our swimming skills. Our Adult Learn to Swim Program brings a unique mix of diverse, passionate aquatic professionals, athletes, and enthusiasts in the nation/world aimed at teaching the basic learn-to-swim skills for adults in underrepresented and underserved communities.

About the Adult Learn to Swim Program:

Our unique learn to swim program is designed to address existing fears and aquatic trauma found in many adults. We will utilize a collection of unique tools and training techniques based on cultural competency, research and shared experiences, which helps to increase success in our learn to swim course as well as enhance the likelihood of continued participation in USMS swimming programs. We also focus on skills and drills, including plenty of opportunities to float, tread water and open water swimming (deep water no lane lines) for our triathletes and OW swimmers in training.  

For more information, please contact Thaddeus Gamory at thadgam1@gmail.com


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