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Krystal Lara is one of very few Latinas in her class at Stuyvesant High School, and in the pool. She’s backstroking her way toward the Olympics.

From The New York Times:

Her Parents Thought Swimming Lessons Were a Good Idea

Krystal Lara is one of very few Latinas in her class at Stuyvesant High School, and in the pool. She’s backstroking her way toward the Olympics.…

Former Yale swimmer Siphiwe Baleka

Good video about former Yale swimmer Siphiwe Baleka


At a recent launch of a Black Cultural Archives fund raiser I met a fellow named Zagba Oyortey, who is the managing director of Arts Interlink here in London.
Zagba was directed to me because of my involvement with black maritime heritage and got to the point rather quickly. He said that a lot of white people were approaching the government of Ghana to dive on some of the many slave ship wrecks off their coast but the government wanted more black oriented groups to assist with this aspect of their history.
Not to be completely race conscious in this offer I am seeing that this might be a real opportunity that we usually do not get and can assist with a more diverse offering of other projects to more than the same groups and connections.
If you are interested in pursuing this avenue please give me a response to this letter.
I believe in one blood for all of us but in order to get that respect we sometimes have to push our obvious one blood forward a bit.
H.E. Ross

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I would like to hear more about this oppurtunity! I am going to visiting Ghana in the next couple of weeks!
Greetings : I just saw your posting : My name is Ken Stewart i am with the National Association of Black SUCBA Divers. I am also project program director for a program called diving with a purpose, We teach the lay diver to do under water archeology This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to put our skills to good use. Can you put me in contact with this person, Again my name is Ken Stewart Thank you for sharing .my email address is kennstewart@clearwire.net phone 615 730 4906
I have sent something to Black SCUBA Divers and have no problem with sending it specifically to you. I have to say that Zagba has not responded to anybody referred to him yet. I called him while writing this and found out that he has not been around and is under the flu bug's heavy hand, like everybody here in London. We just had some heavy snowing which in usual English fashion nobody was prepared for, but with the very strange winter it is knocking us all out.
Anyway, Zagba Oyortey of Arts Interlink
Mobile 044 0123 377
Office 044 541 1448
We, Zagba and I, are setting up a meeting for next week with the British Museum Director about linking to the US with African Diaspora maritime heritage research.
I am interested, but desire more information before making a commitment. Contact me at Errol@LakeRawlings.com. Thanks.
I have left the name and number with quite a few interested people from the forum and feel that Zagba is not answering, and I do not know why. We were supposed to meet but the meeting has been postponed until this Friday, so I should have more to report back to you about then.
If you wish to contact him personally just do it with either of the following:
Zagba Oyortey of Arts Interlink
Mobile 044 0123 377
Office 044 541 1448
I was not able to get through with your email address but please email Zagba now as he is getting all the emails that I have received where people are interested in doing some archaeological diving in Ghana. I hope something comes of it- he is a very interesting person.
I am in terested in pursuing this. I see thi spost is from 2008, is this opportunity still available?
I am not sure what is going on with that concept. I will get back in toubh with my friend and see what he is up to and get back to you.

I will say that in Ghana there are a lot of opportunities such as this and to find a way to tune in to them is what I will also ask Zagba.
Thanks, I look forward to hearing back from you.

Dear Sir:

I am writing to request to be kept apprised of such an opportunity to dive Ghana.

Thank you.

Chaun Renee
I have sent an email to Zagba and am waiting for his response. I will post it when I receive anything,but remember he is on Ghana time, so patience might be the first answer.
Thank you for your reply. I am on Ghananian time as well... smile... patiently awaiting your next correspondence.


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