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Krystal Lara is one of very few Latinas in her class at Stuyvesant High School, and in the pool. She’s backstroking her way toward the Olympics.

From The New York Times:

Her Parents Thought Swimming Lessons Were a Good Idea

Krystal Lara is one of very few Latinas in her class at Stuyvesant High School, and in the pool. She’s backstroking her way toward the Olympics.…

Former Yale swimmer Siphiwe Baleka

Good video about former Yale swimmer Siphiwe Baleka


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Chesterfield Pool

Hampton Roads, in particular Norfolk, VA, is an exceptional place to live and work with great many exceptional people. Look around you and you will see either a big little city or a little big city that not only has culture and the arts but also great athletes. Did you know thanks to Norfolk Southern and the expansion of the shipping pier this place now handles the most amounts of export and import in the United States. Mass transit that is the beginning of an entire system in a city that…


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Public Service Announcement

If you are reading this blog please cue up the song “Public Service Announcement” by S.Carter. This is a public service announcement Sponsored by Myself and the good folks at...I did a little thinking today. I serve the public. I provide a great service. In fact, I am proactive to keep the quality of my work high and try to solve problems quickly, fast, with no pain and complaints.  The general public is something else. These days, I hear all types of…


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Who's working in the garage?


 This past week I have been assigned to work at Chesterfield Swimming Pool. The demographics of the Chesterfield Swimming Pool patrons is 97 percent African American youth and adults, ages from 6 to 30 years of age, and 60 percent male 40 percent female.  Listening to the young people got me thinking. The kids at that pool want what most other people want in life, the good life. Now you can define the good life by material possessions in this case. However, from listening to their…


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After I instructed swimming lessons today, I did some thinking. I had a parent approach me and ask why their child can not swim the length of the pool. Mind you, these swimming lessons are ONLY!  On Saturday. That is only 1 day a week. I am here to tell you that the World War II generation might know a little bit more wisdom. After all, it was my grandmother (Mrs. Ethel White) who said “Anything worth doing is worth doing well, haste makes waste and practice makes…


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Tribute To Carey Hughley

It seems that in life sometimes maybe on rare occasions we meet someone worth emulating or patterning ourselves after to some degree if not a large degree. In many respects these particular people live on even after they are gone. Their achievement, their integrity, their honor, and their care for others inspire us. They continue to live as we carry their memory. They continue to live partly through what we do. Cary Hughley IS one of those people. His example stands…

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Paul the Apostle

Today when I was swimming I did some thinking.  Paul the Apostle was asked "Why are some people born physically or mentally challenged?" His reply was so that those special one's among us can show God love for us and their achievement, and what they do, and who they are, more than people without those challenges but you see God work in their lives. So you should see God work in your life. This is what I see in my envolvement with aquatics. People come to the pool. In particular the pool I…


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Butler did it, VCU did it, Why not Norfolk State?

I was playing golf at the Woodlands Golf Course in Hampton, VA today when I was thinking about this topic. This goes back to good coaching and good players people who are willing to become a synergy by putting the effort into the game. It's not about money. For all the amount of money public education spends on schools per student you would expect public education to be better than private education. Quite often its not because of the focus of the teachers and the students as well as…


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Assimilation Theory: Can Assimilation Theory get more African Americans involved in Aquatics?

I was thinking about this topic while driving to work and listening to an interview on the radio. Do not get upset. Assimilation Theory is not as bad as it sounds for now. It is much like celebirty endorsement. For example, If someone hear's that a famous olympic swimmer is African American it should give them pride and show that it can be done. In that they should decide to participate for fun or for competition, if not a little bit of both. How many African Americans started golfing because… Continue

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What makes a successful coach?

I was thinking about this topic at work today. I often wondered what makes people like Joe Paterno, Geno Auriemma, Jim Stein, Todd Bozeman, David Marsh and Mike Krzykzewski great coaches. The easy answer is winning. However, its not just winning. If we say its only communication we over look just how important it is to actually do the right thing. A person can commuincate very well and be loved universally, however, if they have the wrong ideas regarding their sport they will lose. Finally,…


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