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Krystal Lara is one of very few Latinas in her class at Stuyvesant High School, and in the pool. She’s backstroking her way toward the Olympics.

From The New York Times:

Her Parents Thought Swimming Lessons Were a Good Idea

Krystal Lara is one of very few Latinas in her class at Stuyvesant High School, and in the pool. She’s backstroking her way toward the Olympics.…

Former Yale swimmer Siphiwe Baleka

Good video about former Yale swimmer Siphiwe Baleka


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The Forgotten Swimmer?

As an adult conquering my fear of water, I often feel like "the forgotten swimmer" in spite of a cacophony of local and national learn-to-swim campaigns. It seems that these programs are more interested in swimmers learning strokes than understanding why some adults are afraid or do not feel safe. However, an encouraging development in aquatics education has been a subtle re-evaluation of traditional swimming instruction and teacher training by some prominent folks in the aquatics community,…


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Know more about food additives in life

Flavor seduces your nose, thickener makes the food delicious, emulsifier makes your food tasty, and sweeteners let you love the food more and more. Food additives contain nutrients and can provide us delicious and healthy food.

There are so many words you may familiar around us. Actually, they are related to food and safety. We know chlorophyll in the biology class, and plant photosynthesis by the chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is pyrrolic…


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Happy International Water Safety Day!

Happy International Water Safety Day!  Did you know that today, May 15, is International Water Safety Day?  The members of the U.S. Congress know, because a group representing drowning prevention efforts in the U.S. is meeting with them today to alert them to the hidden epidemic of…


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No Funding? Can Crowdfunding Help End Drowning?

Have a great program but no way to fund it?  Crowdfunding could be the answer.  Social media is changing how we do business in more ways than one.  The old way of doing business meant funding programs by applying for grants, hosting charity runs or selling candy to raise money.  Traditional ways of tapping into established pools of money, getting…


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I'm A Mom and I'm Pissed Off!


’m a mom and I’m pissed off.  Not a bit concerned.  Not even angry.  I’m pissed off as in, ‘I have a flame thrower and I’m not afraid to use it’ pissed off.  Why?  Because child safety is about as big a mom issue as you can get, and yet children keep drowning and no one is talking about it.  We all know ‘stop, drop and roll’, but did you know that…


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Using social media to teach swimming.


How can I teach thee?  Let me count the ways....

  1. Traditional swimming lessons  - through your Y, park district pool, community pool, local swim instructor or any other well-regarded program.  The classes should be fun and not at all threatening or frightening to your child.  Start early and…

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Make Stone Soup.

Are we ‘Too many cooks spoil the soup’ or ‘Stone soup’?   (Stone soup is the fable where the hungry soldier puts a stone in a pot of water and convinces the townspeople to add to the ‘delicious’ stone soup by adding a turnip, a potato, a carrot, until it really does become a delicious soup for the whole town.)

Too many cooks spoil the soup…


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Shallow Water Blackout

Even the best swimmers are not drown-proof, and Shallow Water Blackout can be the cause.  I’ve had some inquiries about Shallow Water Blackout recently which led me to develop a list of resources.  I thought I’d share them here, starting with a description of the issue from …


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Should you fire people for being happy?



A group of lifeguards was fired for creating a video on YouTube.  This link has over 1,000,000 hits so far.  Yes, that is 1 million people who now know what a lifeguard uniform looks like.  It’s 1 million…


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Wet cell phones don't work.

That’s right, cell phones don’t work when they are wet.  I’ve heard the trick about putting them in a bag of rice to dry them out, so if you leave your phone outside during a rain storm or it tips out of your pocket into a puddle, you can bring it back to life in a day.  That’s great, but what if you need to call for help?  What if your phone gets…


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Are you a bad mom (or dad)?

I am.  Why just last week, while picking up school supplies for my kids, I expressed eagerness that school is starting soon.  Judging from the shocked looks on the other mom’s faces I might as well have said I hate my kids and am miserable being around them.  (For the record, I love them intensely, but after 12 weeks we are ALL ready for school to start!)  And the list…


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End drowning with 3 words.

How do we end drowning?  We change people’s behavior around water. 

How do we change behavior?  We change intrinsic motivation, how someone acts even if no one else is around. 

How do we change intrinsic motivation?  Tell people what to do.  Motivate people to do the right thing.  Make it easy…


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Change like kids.

I was reminded time and again this week of why I like kids.  That is not to say that I would ever return to middle school, even on pain of death.  That is not to say that I think kids should rule the world and parents and adults should not be making the tough decisions and sticking with them.  It is to say that if we listen to our kids it can be a good reminder of the…


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Give a man a fish...

There are two types of drowning.  There is drowning in a high-income country and there is drowning in a low-income country.  The source is the same.  Unintentional submersion in water resulting in asphyxia caused by a liquid entering the lungs.  The end result is the same.  Death, and if not death than permanent injury.  The emotional toll is the…


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The Piranha's Perspective

My son spotted the t-shirt on the attached photo at the Shedd Aquarium gift shop last weekend.  It cracks me up every time I look at it.  It is reminiscent of Gary Larson’s brilliant Far Side cartoons that routinely turned our perceptions upside down with hilarious results.  We often think of how we are affected by the world around us, but how often…


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What Price Knowledge?

I believe that we in the drowning prevention field need to share information and resources more efficiently and effectively.  I believe we must begin to videotape conference presentations and post them to YouTube so a wider range of people can benefit from the knowledge.

I can hear the arguments already, so let’s address…


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Why do we do it?

The scene in the locker room was all too familiar.  Mothers with a variation of determined, frazzled, happy or ‘I’m just about to blow’ looks on their face wrestling pudgy toddler arms into winter coats and trying to maneuver feet into boots while the same oblivious child is determined to explore the lockers, the inside of their nose, or those tantalizing crumbs left by…


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Theory vs. Reality

There are wonderful theories about how we should end drowning.  Everyone should have one-on-one swim lessons with a qualified instructor.  Every pool should be fenced.  Every potentially dangerous body of water should be fenced with warning signs that the public obeys.  Parents should supervise their children at all times near water.  Approved lifejackets should…


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Educating Through YouTube

Social media can be a powerful tool or a destructive influence.  We all know that well-chosen words can elevate or decimate, but we also know that time heals all wounds and being able to forget words, or at least add a rosy hue to the memory, can be a blessing.


Social media and the internet have changed that.  Once it’s…


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Why do adults drown?

Natural disasters like flooding and tsunamis.  Unsafe environments like overloaded ferries or rickety boats.  Over-estimating skill and under-estimating the power of unfamiliar water.  Alcohol-induced poor judgement.  Lack of swimming ability.…


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