Diversity in Aquatics Convention Schedule

2017 Convention Schedule

Speaker Bios: “The Water is Ours: Honoring Our Past; Answering the Challenges of our Present, and Saving our Future”

Dr. Arthur Anderson 

Dr. Austin R. Anderson is an Assistant Professor in the Kinesiology and Sport Department at the University of Southern Indiana (USI). Dr. Anderson’s research focuses primarily on issues of social justice and public policy in leisure and recreation through examination of sport-specific recreation and management areas.  These issues include stigma and belonging in aquatic and recreational spaces, with an emphasis on social justice-based goals for people who often find themselves marginalized due to prejudice, discrimination and/or lack of access.  Dr. Anderson has been employed in aquatic facilities, municipal parks and recreation, and intercollegiate athletic settings throughout Indiana.  His personal interests include collegiate and professional sports, including his former involvement as a member of the Men’s Swimming Team at the University of Notre Dame, and mass popular culture and entertainment.

Dr. E. Newton Jackson 

Dr. Jackson is a tenured, Full Professor at the University of North Florida (UNF). He served as the Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at UNF. A seasoned and successful administrator Dr. Jackson held graduate faculty appointments at four different universities (Howard University, FSU, FAMU and UNF). He has extensive experiences serving as a NCAA Division I Head Men and Women’s Swimming & Diving Coach. He was the only NCAA D-I African American Head Swim Coach in the nation. A former ARC WSIT, LTIT, CPR –IT, Dr Jackson trained hundreds of extraordinary swimmers for over two decades.

Dr. William Ramos Residing within the Indiana University School of Public Health –Bloomington as an Assistant Professor, Dr. Ramos’ research is focused on examining the impact of both built and natural aquatic environments on aspects relate to public health. Behind his research is over 30 years of practitioner experience in the field of aquatic management stretching from conventional pools and waterfronts to today’s modern waterparks. His insider exposure to the field of aquatic management has provided the impetus for research questions surrounding issues such as worksite wellness, physical activity, participant perceptions, drowning prevention, and recreational water illnesses.

Dr. Steven Waller

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