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Hello everyone! I am writing to find out if anyone has tried an Endless Pool &/ or visited a facility that has one (or a few)? Or similar models?



I am very curious about them, specifically the signature model. As a beginner adult swimmer, I have been searching for an alternative to the following:

1) fighting for space and time at the warm &/or therapy pool at a Y or other facility

2) having to commute to a public pool, via public transit, during (long) New England winters

3) having to wear a rash guard or wet suit top or jacket, because I am freezing most of the time in most indoor (and outdoor) pools, and therefore, can't concentrate on learning


Thanks for reading. Best wishes, Michelle

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OK - yeah, the endless pool does offer those advantages but you might wanna check into the utility rates in your area.  It is expensive to heat it (I use gas) and electricity charges do change at night, so I run it mostly after midnight.  It's totally worth it to me, though, because I keep it quite cold at 75 degrees so you might have a higher bill compared to mine depending on where you live.  I LOVE it - it's meant the difference in many of my chronic issues:  Asthma, high cholesterol and a back injury from the navy - not to mention the anger of living in a very white community as a professional woman of color.  And yes, my facebook pic is me in my "tank" - that's what I call it.  What I need in terms of my project is a way to overcome the hair issue in most women of color, which I believe is a major obstacle to swimming.  The fear I can manage, the hair is HUGE to most of us.  Any help you could lend in that regard would be great!  Thanks and good luck.  I've been teaching the difficult swimmer for a long time and wish we had some time together.  Hugs!

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