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Krystal Lara is one of very few Latinas in her class at Stuyvesant High School, and in the pool. She’s backstroking her way toward the Olympics.

From The New York Times:

Her Parents Thought Swimming Lessons Were a Good Idea

Krystal Lara is one of very few Latinas in her class at Stuyvesant High School, and in the pool. She’s backstroking her way toward the Olympics.…

Former Yale swimmer Siphiwe Baleka

Good video about former Yale swimmer Siphiwe Baleka


Hello everyone! I am writing to find out if anyone has tried an Endless Pool &/ or visited a facility that has one (or a few)? Or similar models?



I am very curious about them, specifically the signature model. As a beginner adult swimmer, I have been searching for an alternative to the following:

1) fighting for space and time at the warm &/or therapy pool at a Y or other facility

2) having to commute to a public pool, via public transit, during (long) New England winters

3) having to wear a rash guard or wet suit top or jacket, because I am freezing most of the time in most indoor (and outdoor) pools, and therefore, can't concentrate on learning


Thanks for reading. Best wishes, Michelle

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Endless pools are great for working on stroke technique. If you can utilize one that has a mirror at the bottom that would be good to see how your "catch" is coming along. They usually have various current settings so you can work at different intensities. I'm unsure of which brand is the best but I suspect other more intelligent folk on thi site might :-) Good on you for learning to swim as an adult ( like me) its never too late to learn! Best of luck to you!!!



Thanks, Naji for your message and for the compliment and encouragement! I've seen some videos and web sites of residential, and commercial swim studios across the country that utilize the Endless Pool product for athletic training, improving instruction and technique. I am impressed how folks across the country have been creative with their home installations. Some have invested and set up pools in their garages or basements, making swimming truly accessible in all seasons. I am hoping to continue investigating its claims that its simple to maintain and operate.

DAP Member Glenn Mills recently spent some time at the Endless Pools headquarters swimming and coaching in the new Elite Stroke Training System.


Watch his analysis and recap.


I just saw you post of month or so ago on the endless pool.  I recently added an Endless Pool Fastlane to a pool and real like it so far.  It takes a while to get accustomed to different "swim feel" but it has really worked well for me as a supplement to pool training for triathlons. It also seems to magnify swim stroke flaws so I have videoed  myself as a means of improving stroke technique with good results. If you have specific questions I will be glad to try and answer. 

Thanks, Jayson!

Hi Norm, Thanks for your message. Did you try the product somewhere before purchasing it? Where? Is your pool indoors or outdoors?

Reviews have been mixed in regards to assembly, installation support, parts, overall costs, and maintenance:


In any case, I am really hoping to hear more about the signature model, or fiberglass model, and its operation, additional costs, etc.



Thanks again, Michelle 

Yes, I did a couple of test swims.  Endless Pools set me up for a test swim with one of their owners in my area.  I am a triathlete and also got to do a test swim at Ironman Florida.  I live in south Florida so my pool is an outdoor pool.  But like most home pools not useful for lap swimming and hence my reason for adding the Fastlane.  I did not install the Fastlane, I contracted with a local Endless Pools installer.  I purchased the unit, it arrived in 3 boxes.  The installer came in a had the Fastlane installed and operational in about 4 hour including the time it took for the electrician to install a required GFI electrical outlet. 


To your questions on support, maintenance, etc.  so far so good.  I have not had any issues and maintaining the Fastlane is really a non-issue.  I am in the process of adding the Endless Pool swim pace monitor that provides a digital reading on the pace you're swimming so I can as an example use the remote to set a pace of say 100 yds in 2:00 min and swim that pace for 30 min or whatever. 


Hope this helps, let me know how you're coming and if you have other question. 

Hi Norm,


Thanks again for this information. Its good to hear how this is working out well for you. Best wishes!

What I have learned from you, is that it might be a good idea to call around and talk to contractors who are either experienced and/or willing to set up an endless pool in my local area (and in areas where I travel and vacation). Talking with them will be one of the first things I do to evaluate such a large investment for a new (or used) model. I am betting that there may be a connection to pool (geographic) location and satisfied owners. I hope to also find out from the company what kind of relationship they have with their contractors in the parts of our country where attention to the pool and spa industry is limited due to climate and other market factors.


Again, because of my swimming level, I feel that I have to be really prepared to advocate for myself and others with my skill set.

I've been looking into them myself.  They can be pretty costly.  I have found Michael Phelps has a similiar type pool avaiable.  You can check it out on-line.

Good luck on your efforts and determination.


Hi Thomas!

Thanks very much for your message, and encouragement! I didn't know about Michael Phelps' pool: http://michaelphelpsswimspa.com/. Wow! What a fantastic business idea for an Olympian.....I will definitely add this to my list of pools to consider. You are right about cost, so I hope that careful research before (and after) any investment will help. Best wishes to you as well!

The way I found this out is my research on opening a swim school.  He has a foundation that works with the Boys and Girls Clubs.  My interest was to marry the two together and provide fee swim lessons for the youth from the club.  I was hoping I could get some support from the foundation to fund a pool or the swim spas in the existing building.  Its a slow process, but I'm going to be persistent on this project.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Thomas Hoff 

Hi Thomas!

Been away awhile from the computer! Just saw your post! Hope you are well, and Happy 2012 to you and yours. Thanks for sharing your project. In my research, I have seen a few swim schools use the endless pools for lessons. Here is one school in Colorado for instance: http://denver.swimlabs.com/kids_learn_to_swim/learn-to-swim/. SwimLabs is also featured on the Endless Pool web site on their video gallery of commercial and public uses page. Though this is a little different from your interest, I see that your dream is definitely possible! Best wishes!

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